Do DHT-Blocking Shampoos Really Work to Treat Hair Loss?

Anti Hair Loss Injection In Clinic.
Hair loss is never easy. If you are experiencing it then you know all too well how it can affect your self-esteem and your appearance. Statistics show that about 80 million people in the United States suffer from hair loss. There are several treatments on the market to deal with hair loss and chances are you have tried a few of them. If you have been hearing a lot about DHT blocking shampoo and are wondering whether or not they really work. Here is a more in-depth look.

1. What Is DHT?

DHT is short for dihydrotestosterone, it is formed when a chemical reaction takes place in the body. This chemical reaction occurs when an enzyme in the scalp known as alpha 5 reductase is formed. This enzyme constantly reacts with testosterone and the by-product is DHT. DHT shrinks hair follicles and makes the hair become thin. Eventually, the hair will start to fall out.

2. What Can a DHT Blocking Shampoo Do for You?

A DHT blocking shampoo works by inhibiting the production of DHT. DHT shampoos usually contain the mineral zinc. Zinc will slow down the production of DHT. The herb saw palmetto is often used in the shampoos as well to slow down the production of DHT. DHT shampoo will often contain Vitamin B12 to help to facilitate healthy hair growth.

3. Can They Work On Their Own?

It is better to use a DHT blocking shampoos as part of an overall programme to reduce hair loss. When used in conjunction with DHT inhibiting hair loss medication, then you are likely to see great results.

4. How to Choose a DHT Inhibiting Shampoo?

Don't get carried away by extraordinary claims made by some DHT shampoo manufacturers. The best thing you can do is read the labels of any shampoo you want to purchase. Make sure it contains the ingredients discussed earlier. If you cannot find zinc or saw palmetto as part of the ingredients, then it may not be worth your money or the time it will take to use it. You also want to make sure that you check out the online reviews for any shampoo you are thinking of buying. When it comes to DHT inhibiting shampoos, people have a lot to say, especially online. This is because DHT shampoos like drugs can be bought online. While you don't want to skimp on price, do not go overboard with it either. Some of the best DHT shampoos on the market are actually the most affordable.

Final Thoughts

Hair loss is never easy and it is only natural for you to want to stop it so you can keep looking your best. DHT blocking shampoos can help you to stop hair loss. However, before you buy any DHT shampoo you need to make sure that it contains all the right ingredients. You also want to make sure that it is a reputable shampoo that really works. The best way to do this is to look at the reviews for the product before making a decision. If you would like more information on hair loss and how to prevent it, please visit our blog.