4 Things You Should Know Before Buying Generic Drugs

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An article published by The American Pharmacists Association (AphA) claims that generic medicines account for around 88% of US prescriptions. This is because these drugs are usually around 30-80% cheaper than brand-name medications. In fact, in many states across the country, it is mandated that pharmacists offer a generic version of medicine whenever available even when the brand-name medicine is prescribed. But there’s also a lot of concern about the safety of using these pills. Are these safe? Are they as good and effective as brand-name drugs? And most importantly, how can one buy drugs online? We attempt to answer some of these questions.

What is a Generic Drug?

Generic drugs are an almost exact copy of brand-name drugs. They have the same dosage, intended use, effects, side-effects, risks, and even the strength of the original drug.

Is the Quality the Same?

Generic drugs are incorrectly considered inferior to brand-name drugs because people often associate costs with quality. However, the FDA has very strict guidelines regarding identity, strength, purity, quality, and manufacturing practices. This is meant to ensure that there is no difference between the brand-name drug and its generic counterpart.

Why are Brand-Name Medications so Expensive?

Pharmacy companies spend billions of dollars on initial research, clinical trials, and other costs related to the development of the drug. They also have to work towards creating a positive marketing campaign related to the popular use of these drugs. Naturally, these companies protect their investment using patents and market exclusivity rights that prevent other manufacturers from producing these drugs for a certain number of years.

When is it Best Advised to Stick to Brand Name Drugs?

Generally, you can buy the generic version of any brand-name drug and save money. But sometimes, it is recommended to speak to your pharmacist before you buy medicines that keep the blood levels normal. Examples for this could include medicines for blood thinning, thyroid and immunosuppressant drugs. If you have a question about buying generic drugs or need help to buy Viagra online, contact us for more information. We’re available 24/7 and will be glad to help you!